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However, since most of these programs work around your firewall, it is still possible for other threats to pass through undetected. Another important consideration is how you'll deploy the employee monitoring software. There are two options: on-premises and the cloud. On-premises is the most common option and is offered by every program we reviewed.

This means that you'll host the software and the data it collects on your own server.

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An on-premises solution requires more IT knowledge and can take longer to set up. Many newer computer monitoring solutions offer cloud-based deployment. Cloud-based deployment is easier to manage and quicker to set up than on-premises deployment, but you trust the vendor to maintain and protect your data. Morale often has a direct correlation to "employee engagement" for sure. Besides some of the more obvious reluctant contributors, you can explore some key indicators to see just how engaged employees are, as they should agree with the following: 1.

I know what is expected of me at work. I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right.

At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day. In the last seven days, I have received recognition for or praise for Hello Jacques, You'll likely find that most larger organizations have an annual performance review cycle with some employing day introductory reviews for new hires. Whether the performance management is effective or not depends on many things.

It starts with the culture of an organization and the reasons why they are utilizing reviews. If they are doing it to enhance communication and foster relationship-building amongst staff and management then it tends to be much more effective Have everyone using Google Calendar and make the each persons dog walking schedule collaborative back to you, with everything else kept private.

LanAgent Enterprise - employee tracking software | IT security + employee surveillance

This is just about a standard now, and with any SMS alerts or email reminders you may wish to setup you can't go wrong. Procedure would be: - Add event in your master calendar, but choose their calendar within yours in terms of where it will show up as well. You will own the event, but seen on their ones as well.

LanAgent Enterprise - employee tracking software | IT security + employee surveillance

My gut instinct is that if the trust level is that low, management is doing a poor job recruiting good people and earning the trust and respect of those employees. You have uncovered the tip of a much deeper issue. There's typically a minimum number of licenses you must buy, usually five to 10, though some require as few as three. As with any service you're considering for your business, ask the sales rep about fees the company charges and whether there's a contract requirement and how long the contract would last, if so.

You also want to read the contract or terms of service to verify that you've been informed about any and all costs you'll be expected to pay. Below are all of our reviews for employee monitoring software and related categories.


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Our coverage also includes reviews of the best internet management software and small business content filters. Here are the main aspects to pay attention to in your search: Monitoring and Blocking Features Always consider the different types of monitoring features an employee monitoring application offers. Reports and Notifications Pay attention to how software's reports and notifications work. Archive Storage If you travel a lot and manage your network and employees remotely, then you want remote access to your internet filter data.

Ease of Use and Support Good internet filter software should be intuitive to use and not leave you in the dark if you have questions. These are the primary features we considered in our review: Ease of use Web activity monitoring Email monitoring Live chat monitoring Social media monitoring Keystroke logging Video feeds Remote control capabilities Reporting Tech support We also looked for any additional features that might be useful or effective. Look for the following discounts as you compare costs: Volume discounts: Many companies offer lower prices when you purchase a higher number of licenses.

Annual prepayment discounts for cloud software SaaS : The few companies that offer cloud-based employee monitoring software typically offer a discount if you pay annually rather than month to month, which can amount to as much as two free months of service.

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Nonprofit and educational discounts: Several companies note on their websites that discounts are available for these types of organizations. Coupon codes: Though these are not as common as the other discounts we saw, some companies have fields for coupon codes on their checkout pages.

You may be able to search for codes online or call the company to find out what promotions are available. Have an employee monitoring software question of your own?

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Ask an Expert. How to measure employee morale? Jay Kahn. How often do you conduct Performance Management meetings in your business? Teramind offers a comprehensive and powerful solution for tracking employee activity and managing company policies.

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Actimo serves as more of an employee engagement app than a monitoring service. It focuses on building stronger lines of communications between managers and employees. CurrentWare gives you a way to track and limit your employees' internet usage. Pearl Echo. Suite is a simple program that includes great tools for monitoring, filtering and blocking employee internet activity.

With its granular approach to user access, third-party integration and redirect features, SafeSquid is an advanced option where your growing network is concerned. Web Access Manager from Smoothwall is a small business content filter designed to keep your network safe, secure and compliant. Internet and PC activity are both monitored using the features and tools provided by StaffCop. Additional security functions are also included. System Surveillance Pro provides some level of security for those who are looking for small business content filter software, but it's more useful as a surveillance tool.

Work Examiner can run in both transparent and silent modes when monitoring your employees' activities. Because as a small business owner you need to be concerned with internet infractions, you should consider using small business content filter software such as Cyclope. Cyclope can keep employees out of unwanted areas of the internet, block certain applications and help keep employees focused on the work at hand.

Activity Monitor is employee monitoring software that excels in managing your employees' internet use, tracking their activities and providing detailed reports of these actions. Based in Russia, Kickidler offers employee monitoring software. Kickidler features a dashboard showing the time spent on work-related activities and the time spent taking breaks or on sites unrelated to work. WorkPuls is an employee monitoring software with time and attendance capabilities as well. Features include the ability to track all apps and websites used by employees and a screenshot tool that randomly takes screenshots of what employees are doing every hour.

ActivTrak from Birch Grove Software is an affordable employee monitoring solution that includes a free version suitable for small businesses with just a few users. It is our best pick for free employee monitoring software. SoftActivity Monitor is our best pick for employee monitoring software for internet management because of its effective features for tracking and restricting the websites your employees visit, as well as the content they download or upload.

CleverControl is a comprehensive and intuitive employee monitoring software platform that gives admins great insight into and control over how employees spend their workday on company devices. ContentProtect is the best content filtering application for businesses with multiple operating systems. It works with PC and Mac systems alike, as well as Android devices. It offers complete control over the web content your employees can access.

Hubstaff is an employee monitoring software solution focused on time-tracking and productivity monitoring. Its tools help keep employees on task and allow managers to better prioritize the most important projects.