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This article provides 25 of the most relevant and powerful hidden features. Your iPhone is now an even more impressive and capable camera for photo enthusiasts and businesses wanting to capture their memories and communicate their stories. Related: eBook 'Get the most out of your iPhone and iPad camera - '. You can now hold your iPhone parallel to the ground and move it slightly until the two sets of cross-hairs combine to indicate that you are perfectly level.

To access this feature — you need to enable the grid feature that is normally associated with rule of thirds, placing a four line overlay across the screen. Enable the grid, by going into Settings — General — Camera — Grid. This is also handy for scanning or taking photos of artwork from directly above.

The problem with having a slight off-set angle, is that objects closer to the lens look bigger. Hence, why photographing a symmetrical piece of paper, needs to be from directly above. I must admit, I am not a great fan of live filters. That said, the Mono filter is great for looking at your surroundings in real time as black and white.

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This gives you a real appreciation of how light bounces and absorbs in different scenarios. You will notice that you now have a couple of new filters, Vivid and Dramatic. Filters are not available on the iPad - you can stop looking for it! You can still access the filters, tapping the icon on the top of the screen.

Spy cam for iphone 7 Plus

Additionally, you can swipe up in the image and reveal the filmstrip of filters at the bottom of the screen. If you do, when you swipe up — the screen will increase in brightness. So confusing.. Quite a lot has been reported about the new file format.

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In essence, it is a new file compression that retains all the data and saves a lot of space on your iPhone. The new photo format High-Efficiency Image Format replaces Jpeg images and is said to save twice as much space and sync faster with iCloud. Go to Settings — Camera — Format. If your device does not display Format, then it is not compatible.

17 cool things you didn't know your iPhone 7 could do

When you tap the share icon, it will share a Jpeg to avoid any conflict issues. You will most likely not notice any difference at all — however, is going to be necessary as more of us are shooting in 4K resolution. Unless you make use of the burst feature holding the shutter button down , then capturing the perfectly timed photo can be a bit hit and miss. We can now tap on the Edit icon, drag the white photo frame along the film strip to the exact image you want.

Release your finger and tap Make Key Photo and Done to select the perfect image! This iOS 11 hidden feature allows you to select the exact action shot. The resolution does drop a little from x to x iPhone 7.

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This is not a significant drop in quality — as you can still print 9x12 inches in higher print dpi quality. Consequently, I have many Live Photo recording of my picking up the iPhone, taking a photo and lowering it again. Now, we can trim the start and finish of the Live Photo.

Tap on the Edit icon, press either end of the slider and drag it to where you want the new start and finish to be. Tap Done to finish and save a new Live Photo. Similar to photo filters, you can tap on revert to return to the original Live Photo. This is another hidden feature that you would only discover by accident. Go to Photos, select the Live Photo then swipe up.

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This accesses a new feature Effects. Tap on Loop to watch the Live Photo play over and over similar to a GIF, displaying a dissolving transition between each repetition. Are you familiar with Boomerang — the Instagram feature where the image bounces back and forth, playing forward then reverse, forward, reverse and never ends! Similar to Loop — access this effect by swiping up on the Live Photo in Photos.

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Yes, there are apps that allow you to take stunning long exposure effect images. Now, you can achieve a similar result using Live Photos. Similar to the loop and bounce effects, you can select long exposure. This can create really visually stunning images, where the subject is blurred against a still background or visa versa. Previously, when you sent a Live Photo to an Android user, they would receive a still image.

Before you get too excited — the Live Photos needs to have one of the effects bounce or loop applied and you need to use the Mail app. Sending to another iPhone user as a Live Photo will still require using iMessage. You can no longer select to keep the normal photo. It is, however still there and taking up space on your phone! To access the original, go to Photos — select the image — Edit — then tap on the Depth icon at the top of the image.

This reveals the original. Tap done and it will stay as the original. As hidden cameras become even more inexpensive, they seem to be popping up more and more. Manufacturers design cameras disguised as other everyday objects, like smoke detectors , clocks , USB hubs , even wireless chargers.

There are two ways to scan for cameras with your phone. First, if you have access, you can scan the Wi-Fi network for devices that look like cameras.

But this will only find cameras connected to the network. Many places you stay give you access to the local network.