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Meanwhile, for non-Muslims, she said 14, cases were recorded for the same period according to statistics of the National Registration Department.

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Yeoh said based on the cases filed, divorce at a young age was due to trivial matters such as the wife liked to go on tours, wife liked to wash clothes at night, husband did not like his wife eating in the car, different political affiliations, husband had less salary and snoring spouse. Hence, she said in order to further strengthen the marriage and family institution, the ministry through LPPKN has implemented pre and post-marriage programmes especially for newly-married couples.

The ministry was also in talks about non-Muslim couples sitting for such courses in accordance with their religious beliefs, she added.

Irreconcilable difference, cheating causes of divorces November 13, TORONTO: Ashley Madison, the cheating spouse website with a global membership, is set for a rebound as efforts are made to restore members privacy and trust after a disastrous data breach three years ago. Although the website that caters to people seeking sex outside marriage was dealt a blow in when e-mail addresses and account details of 32 million members were hacked, its membership has not declined and is poised for an exponential growth. Its president and chief technology officer, Ruben Buell, told Bernama in an interview that Ashley Madison had invested significantly in security and privacy since last year which saw an average of 10, new members daily. Buell said Ashley Madison is catering to a niche group of married individuals who seek an affair, companionship, or someone to talk to.

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Buell said this is especially true for women who are seen more on the website than men, with a global ratio for of 1. She explained that these women are essentially in sexless or orgasmless marriage and despite efforts to repair this with their primary partners, it does not change for them.

Buell said Ashley Madison has cleaned up its act with a rebranded parent company and is confident of further success, perhaps with infidelity being the most durable business in the history of commerce. Meanwhile, Toronto psychologist Dr Oren Amitay has been quoted as saying that people were having affairs long before Ashley Madison came into being.


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