Cell phone monitoring policy

Federal or local law governs the use of some types of software; it is responsibility of the user to follow such laws.

What is Employee Monitoring?

In addition you agree that you will follow the Mobile Spy Policies at all times when using Mobile Spy. Failure to comply with our policies will result in the account being terminated without warning.

How to Track and Monitor Employee Cell Phone Use - The Easy Way

The Software is licensed not sold to you, and REX owns all copyright, trade secret, patent and other proprietary rights in the Software. You may use the Software on a single smartphone. You may not: 1 copy other than once for back-up purposes , distribute, rent, lease or sublicense all or any portion of the Software; 2 modify or prepare derivative works of the Software; 3 transmit the Software over a network, by telephone or electronically using any means, except in the course of your network multi player play of the Software over authorized networks; 4 reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software.


You may transfer the Software, but only if the recipient agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you transfer the Software, you must transfer all components and documentation and erase any copies residing on computer equipment. Your license is automatically terminated if you transfer the Software. You expressly acknowledge and agree that use of the Software is at your sole risk.

Except for the limited ninety 90 day warranty on the media set forth below. It is the user's responsibility to stop programs which might block Mobile Spy on the phone, should this situation arise.

Privacy in America: Electronic Monitoring

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Pros and Cons of Giving an Employee a Company Cellphone

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Monitoring in the workplace includes: recording on CCTV cameras opening mail or email use of automated software to check email checking phone logs or recording phone calls checking logs of websites visited videoing outside the workplace getting information from credit reference agencies collecting information through point of sale terminals, such as supermarket checkouts, to check the performance of individual staff Data protection law sets out rules about the circumstances and the way in which monitoring can be carried out.

Before deciding whether to introduce monitoring, your employer should: be clear about the reasons for monitoring staff and the benefits that this will bring identify any negative effects the monitoring may have on staff.

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Monitoring electronic communications at work Your employer can legally monitor phone, internet, email or fax use in the workplace if: the monitoring relates to the business the equipment being monitored is provided partly or wholly for work your employer has made all reasonable efforts to inform you that your communications will be monitored You should bear in mind that these circumstances cover almost every situation where your employer might want to monitor your electronic communications, except where the monitoring is for purely private or spiteful reasons.

If your employer sticks to these rules, they don't need your consent before monitoring your electronic communications for any of these reasons: to establish facts which are relevant to the business, to check that procedures are being followed, or to check standards - for example, listening to phone calls to assess the quality of your work to prevent or detect crime to check for unauthorised use of telecommunications systems, such as whether you are using the internet or email for personal use to make sure electronic systems are operating effectively - for example, to prevent computer viruses entering the system to check whether a communication you have received, such as an email or phone call is relevant to the business.

Your employer can open your emails or listen to voicemails but is not allowed to record your calls to check calls to confidential help lines. The following are [company name] 's basic guidelines for proper employee cell phone use during work hours. In general, cell phones should not be used when they could pose a security or safety risk, or when they distract from work tasks:. We realize the cell phones can be great tools for our employees. We encourage employees to use cell phones when:. Improper use of cell phones may result in disciplinary action.

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Continued use of cell phones at inappropriate times or in ways that distract from work may lead to having cell phone privileges revoked. Cell phone usage for illegal or dangerous activity, for purposes of harassment, or in ways that violate the company confidentiality policy may result in employee termination.

Download a cellphone policy template in Microsoft Word and quickly customize it to your company's needs. It really depends on the company. For some types of businesses where the distraction of a cellphone could be dangerous, a cell phone policy might be a good idea. For other companies, a no cell phone policy at work could be a major turnoff to potential employees or could hinder employees' ability to get work done.